Our Fleet

Lone Hickory Vol. Fire Dept. operates six pieces of apparatus. Each of our apparatus has its unique role on the fire scene. We operate three engine companies, one tanker company, one brush company, and one mini-pumper/rescue company.

Engine 2406

Engine 2406 is a 2006 KME Predator pumper/tanker combination. It has a 1500 GPM Waterous pump, a 1000 gallon tank, and a 10 inch dump chute. It also carries a compliment of medical equipment, AED, and hydraulic rescue tools. This engine company is first out on all structure fires, hazardous materials incidents, vehicle fires, and vehicle accidents in the district.

Yadkin/Davie Callsign : Engine 2406
Iredell Callsign : Lone Hickory Engine 1

Engine 2402

Engine 2402 is a 1999 Darley/International 4900 pumper/tanker combination with a 1500 GPM Darley pump, 1000 gallon tank, and 10 inch rear dump. This engine also carries equipment for establishing water supply from a pond or stream. This unit is also equipped with medical equipment and an AED. This engine company is second out on all fire incidents in the district, and also responds as a mutual aid company to neighboring departments.

Yadkin/Davie Callsign : Engine 2402
Iredell Callsign : Lone Hickory Engine 2

Tanker 2401

Tanker 2401 is a 1999 Darley/Ford F-750 tanker. This unit carries 1500 gallons of water and has a 500 GPM PTO pump, allowing for pump-and-roll operations. This unit is also equipped with a 10 inch dump on a swivel that allows for dumping on the rear or either side of the unit, making this unit a very versatile tanker company. This unit is third out on all fire incidents in the district and responds second out on mutual aid requests.

Yadkin/Davie Callsign : Tanker 2401
Iredell Callsign : Lone Hickory Tanker 1

Brush 2414

Brush 2414 is a 1994 Ford brush truck that carries 300 gallons of water and is equipped with a Hale fire pump. Referred to as the "Brush Hog", this unit is capable of going off road and attacking the fire directly where an engine company may not be able to access. This unit carries various wildland equipment and also has a spray bar on the front bumper, allowing us to spray water on the fire while driving and allowing for quick containment.

Yadkin/Davie Callsign : Brush 2414
Iredell Callsign : Lone Hickory Brush 1

Squad 2415

Truck 2415 is a 2008 Freedom Fire Equipment/Ford F-550. This unit plays many roles in fire suppression and rescue. This unit serves as a mini-pumper, and can quickly access areas that an engine company cannot. This unit carries 300 gallons of water and a Lombardini diesel fire pump. This unit is capable of structure fire suppression in areas not accessible by an engine company. This unit also carries a full compliment of medical/AED equipment, as well as Hurst eDraulic rescue equipment. This unit is first out on all medical calls, fourth out on all structure fires in the district, and second out on all vehicle accidents.

Yadkin/Davie Callsign : Squad 2415
Iredell Callsign : Lone Hickory Truck 1

Engine 2404

Engine 2404 is a 1988 Emergency-One/Ford F-800. This unit carries 750 gallons of water and is equipped with a 1000 GPM Hale pump. This unit was a frontline apparatus until the purchase of Engine 2406. It is now in reserve status and remains fully equipped to respond in the event that it is needed.

Yadkin/Davie Callsign : Engine 2404
Iredell Callsign : Lone Hickory Engine 3


3200 Lone Hickory Rd
Yadkinville, NC, 27055

The Lone Hickory Volunteer Fire Department is located in Yadkinville, NC, along the Yadkin County border with Iredell and Davie Counties. With an elite team of firefighters and medical professionals, we are ready to respond to our community's needs. We respond to Fire, Rescue, and EMS calls for service.

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